Bwindi Cultural Lodge Tour Packages

On House Offered Tour Packages

If you reserve a room at Bwindi Cultural Lodge you get a tour package for free. You get a chance to visit the community, hike for a batwa experience, among others.


There are some others that require a small budget of less than $350 for a group of 7 pax or less to have fun with people who used to have life with wild animals. Batwa Heritage experience is in Buhoma sector just in the proximity of our lodge.

It will take you through an exciting journey of lush vegetation, rolling hills and cutting edge excited people of gorilla highland culture.


Experience the crop to cup experience in the African way at our lodge. Coffee was harvested, dried, roasted and passed through many stages of up to 7 using traditional equipment and local means to produce a hot drink for locals. Experience this at our lodge today.


Our lodge being in close proximity to Bwindi impenetrable national park we receive rain all year round. In our gardens and neighbors we have planted banana plantations. We shall take you through the whole 7 steps process of banana beer making and you have a chance to get hands on through the process. See how locals use unwashed feet to make beer. Have a taste of beer and take home a bottle with you.


Kanyantorogo women development cooperative is a group of village women and their husbands making pottery for sale to locals and tourists. You will get dirty into clay and have a feel of making cooking stoves, drying them and eventually burning them in kilns to produce a good looking product ready for use. You will have a chance to take with you one at home if you wish.

The Mountain Gorilla Trekking Experience

Mountain gorillas are wild animals and, as such, sightings cannot be guaranteed. However viewing success rates are over 90%. Once sighted, visitors are allowed an hour with the gorillas. Overnighting in Bwindi is required the night before tracking due to your early morning start. As tracking can sometimes take a full day, a second nights accommodation is also highly recommended. Ideally 2 to 3 nights are suggested to enjoy this region.

Gorilla tracking timings and conditions vary tremendously as the gorillas move continuously through the rain forest. It is good to be prepared and remember the weather can change with very little warning. The terrain is often steep and through areas where there are no marked paths.
It can be VERY strenuous – it may be just a couple of hours but it can also be for a full day of up to 8 hours or more of hiking in hot, high altitude conditions – please be prepared for this by being as fit as possible!